I just read article regarding the benefits that you might get from garlic.

instead of adds essence to  your food. garlic had others benefit that surely will made you all love garlic after this.

There are 5 points here;

1) Cure against common cold

Garlic had ability to improve immune system. Regular consumption of garlic’s flake will help to protect our body from viral attacks.

2) Prevent from cancer

Improvement of immune system of course will help us from got cancer. The chances for cancer cells to spreading will be lowered down. Garlic is especially helpful in blocking oesophagal, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer. Studies have proved that compounds in garlic also have the capability to reduce the size of tumor by half.

3) Heart disease

Researches show that  garlic helps to keep the blood vessel flexible and hence keeps heart diseases at bay by the quality that it has to lower down cholesterol level.

4) Hypertention

Its good for us that easily tense by heavy workloads or unsettled problems. Garlic able to control blood pressure by thinning the blood. Wow, if   I depressed next time, I will eat Garlic bread! haha~

5) Infection

antiviral and antifungal abilities that owned by garlic flakes made me shocked. Of course as person that easily get infected by fungal disease on my sensitive skin, I eagerly want to become as garlic lovers after this.

But, after all garlic also had ability to make person become  smelly. So, don’t consume it too much!