I got little fight with my F.
I told him before that on saturday I got gathering but after all he seems to forget it and just bought tickets of Eclipse movie on same date with that gathering.

So, he drag me to make decision.
To choose either one.

So, I simply said to go for both.
I said both.
I’m not dumb him at all.
I just said that I will go for both event and sacrificing gathering time that might be finish on 5pm.
I will dismiss from gathering on 1pm and then follow my F to go for movie.

But he still not satisfied with my answer.
He just so curious why I should go for gathering.
And he demand me answers.

I just simply said.
Gathering is not easy to be made but to see him not difficult.
Any time we can meet even sometimes on weekdays after office hour we can spent our time together.

But, seems like he understand it differently.
He said that I’m not appreciate him and think about our relationship easily.
Arrrghh..he is so sensitive..

What can I do to satisfy him.
is it I need to forget about gathering that I really want to join.