Last saturday I went to my colleague’s wedding..

It was so awesome because the wedding party held in grand hall at PJH means Putrajaya Holding at Putrajaya..

Actually I’m alone because got things to be done before going to her events..

For the first time I’m driving car outside of my town..


Alhamdulillah, Im safely arrived at PJH..

But I entering the Grand Hall using back door..

Actually I dont know where is the Grand Hall.

I just walk around until I smell somethings good..

Nasi minyak daa…hehe~

I met most of my colleagues in Wawa’s wedding party..

And I met the most clelebrated couple..aka .. king and queen of da day..

The hall was big with left and right side of ‘pelamin’ are wide screen for displaying slide shows (multimedia video) of these loving couples pics from their childhood until the day they getting married ..

So sweet both of them..

Here some pics as a proof..


Nice stage rite?


close up to stage..


cantik dan segaknyer mereka berdua..


Kek sampai 5 tingkat tuh..hehe~


Masa tuk kacau couple yang tengah makan..hehe~

kat belakang skrin tuh tengah wat slide show couple nih..


x cukup ngan ‘kacau’ pengantin..

boss yang sedang makanpun kami datang serbu..


Yang bestnyer boss semuanya berada di kanan sekali dalam pic nih..

yang duduk boss department lain..

yang berdiri tu lak boss department ku dari jepun..


One of my department member already resigned from Bujang Fan Club..

Sempat juga snap pic die sorang2 guna handset yang berkapasiti 2 megapiksel..


Credit to Shingo-san for all pics above except last pic(credit to myself la kan..)