Yesterday I’m going to shopping mall near to my place..

The main to find out the presents for my frens wedding and also the most important to bought somethings for my BF birthday..

Actually his birthday already past 2 weeks ago..

but we are to busy to spent time for each other until yesterday…

i need to rush because once I stepped in that shopping mall, massage from him said that he is n da way from his workplace which is a Rawang..

Gosh…me with my sis Aida walk around and figure out somehing for my frens wedding..

I bought 2 for each of them..what is it? secret!!

After that we walk again and found table lamp that is so cute..

I thought it was a best present for him..but, the staff there was behave like so busy makes me stepped out from there and go straight to Body Shop.

I grab one perfume in a one shot..

I ask Body Shop taff to wrap it nicely..


I met him after that and give him that present.

He suprisely said that his perfume just finished and I  give him the best suit present in a best time..

I said, I just pick one that I thought suit to him..and I dont know whether he likes it or not..but he dont mind..

And that nite he MMS me..

He said that he love that perfume..

His previous perfume same with perfume that I bought for him..

I have a good instinct..