From left Farah, Yati, me and Kak Nony. The only flowers in our department..

Memory at my previous company suddenly made me fell like miss them so much..
I miss my B&D Department..
i miss all of them..
And on 31st May one one my frens there got married..

As usual for those who are married what can I say is ..
u r fired from “Bujang Club”!!
and also congratulations..

I received invitation card from her thru email..
but I’m sorry..
I can’t join your wedding ceremony since I got to go for my cousins wedding also at Terengganu..
Clash date actually..
Seems like this year is Wedding’s year because a lot my frens getting married even economy not stable.

And this coming July makes me hard to decide..
Clash wedding date again..
the first one my fren who going thru same day of interview..
same date of reporting to work..
Going thru same OJT..
Her wedding will be at Mentakab I think..
the second one is my BF cousin at KL..
I already told him that I eagerly want to join his cousin wedding and he already told to all (his family and also his sedara mara..)
How can I cancel the second one..

Which one should I choose to..?
Hard to decided!!!