I know u would guess that Im have an OT..
But, how can I post my story here during OT..
And then why should I work OT because here cannot claim OT.

I stuck because of planning x jadi..
I should be at restaurant at Pappa Rich area now and having dinner with Bazi, Syazni, Mazilah, Azlina QA and Tini..
But planning cancel because 2 of us cannot join.
And unfortunately it cancel last minute.
So, I already told my bro to fetch me late.
Just now I made a call and ask him to pick me..
So, I need to waiting here at office.
Alhamdulillah, I still can do something here..
yeay..blogging here..

The planning postponed to tomorrow.
Hopefully not canceled again..
Because Bazi will take a long leave for her wedding and also she will further her master degree..
Maybe tomorrow will be the last hang out day for us with Bazi before she starts to take a leave from next week.

Good Luck Bazi..

Here I also want to wish in advance Selamat Pengantin Baru to my team members aka frens at my office..
She will be married on 13th of June (this saturday) at Putrajaya.
InsyaAllah, I will attend her wedding day.
After this will be Hana turn..
I will post about her later on…