I took two days leave.. friday and monday..
4 days total leave including weekend.

Ayah.mak..aida..adik..n me..
together went to Terengganu again..
As usual, we go first to Cherating..
And then the next day, we straight to our Kampung near to Kuala Berang..

we gerak at 8.30..
Then we arrive at Cherating at 12.30 noon.
We check in and then ayah and adik go to Solat Jumaat.
I just stay at our room and fall asleep till 5.30pm..
Alamak..nak ujan la pulak..
Seems like raining outside when I wake up and then I realize that not only me slept but ALL..haha..
Even raining, we go to the beach..to mandi manda air laut..
Malangnya, petir sabung menyabung drop my spirit to stay long at a beach..
After 5 minutes there I back to room..
Tak bestnyer..
At night, we out t oget our dinner.
Aida treat us makan2..
terbang 50 inggit..
but the foods there not so good in taste even all finished..wink2..

I will continue my story later.
to zeze..
Sorry yer..
x sempat lagi la nak wat tag yang zeze bagi tu..
nanti dah free sket kite buat..