I face so real situation thats really test my whole skills and I gained so much experiences..
I can,t imagine how the team working is important and the only points thats make me and my team tends to stand until we manage to complete our project successfully.
Even so many problem occurred on our way to complete our project, we manage to cope and try our best to help each other..
Before this, I’m not really into team working since before this everything still under control but for this project.
Problem occurred so often and situation cannot be control yet..

Teringat lagu Wonderpets..
‘Apa yang penting..KERJASAMA..’

I would like to thank all team members and also ohers that support us until project done.

Our boss want to treat all of team members KFC next weeks..
Makan free la kami..
Thanks boss..

And next week I will take a leave from friday till moday because I will back to my village at Terengganu..
My Cousin wedding…
Aku bile laks yer..?
wait n see la~