Im just using quickpress since the server at my office not so good…

Erm, tired becoz of faces so many new things..
tired in catching up and grabbing all knowledge in order to gain my experts and experiences..
This is my first time running new project..

today is 15th of may means I already work here for 8 months..

Gosh, friday already..
So many pending things to do before this week ending..

benda2 yang best..
1) End of this month nak balik kampung..sepupu kahwin..
2) Next month akan ada prog lambaian…nak join..
Benda2 x best..
1) kono minta cuti la pulak…
2) x dapek nok raikan besday ngan BF..
3) X dapat nak pi kenduri kawen kak ony…ala..nak pi tapi x ley…