Internet at my office not so good..
so slow..
so im not interested to surf at my office..
Everyday im eagerly waiting 5.30pm..
Home sweet home..
to surf like hell..
yesterday, everythings not like what im expected to..
internet at my home was not okay at all..
arggghhh…so bored..

So, last nite I decided to sleep early..
Im going to bed at 9.30pm..

Waiting for another day by hoping internet will be okay soon..

And today..
As usual..
Im waiting for 5.30pm..
I want to surf internet..
errr..actually Im addicted to PET SOCIETY..
Application in Facebook..

Hopefully internet will be okay today..
Im okay..
but im not okay at all..

ape da…
internet punyer hal pun sampai macma nih..

by da way, im at my office..
the only thing that i can do using slow internet is to write something here..
in my blog..