Salam semua..

Quite long time i’m not writing here..

Yesterday, I read and stuck at one online forum..

They were discuss about ‘hantu’ or ghost..stories.. and looks so real!

completed with photo attachments..


The more I read the more I’m interested on it.


And the more I read it, the more I become frighten.

That’s feeling makes me read Al-Mulk followed by Ayatul Kursi and 3-Qul before go to bed.

And I slept with Yassin books under my pillow..

And I try to think positive and imagine the happy2 one until I sleep.


The moral of the story..

Don’t read the scary stories before you sleep or at night.

Read it morning or afternoon..

Or else u will be disturbed by ur emotional thought related with what you read before.

Thanks God I can sleep well and wake up only after Subuh.


And I feel better without any uneasy feelings anymore..