Im busy..



a lot of workloads to settle~

if problem occurred, need to do meeting to solve it..

at the end of the month need to present for next month production..

at the end of probation period  I need to do more works…

need to report this and that..

everythings related with report…


u will said..

ala..normal la tuh~

time study dulupun u need to do reports and assignments…

u also need to present..

All sorts of thing udone during studies..


its totally difference..

u’ll realize and feel it after u entering ur career life..

Masa belajar dulu memang banyak keje..


kena present..

tapi masa tu kite hepi..

x der tekanan~

kalu ada tekanan pun x kan sama ngan tekanan keje..

weekend lak bizi juger..

bizi jalan2..

pi kenduri kawen kawan2..jiran2..

bizi masak2..

bizi kemas2 umah~


dan bizi tidur..

last weekend, I went to Johor just to attend my fren’s wedding..

so happy to gathered with most of my x coursemates..

only a few are not there..

erm, i really want to share it here..

mmm…maybe next time..