Long time no bowling..

I cant even recall when the last time I throw the ball to drop pins down…

Also cant remember when the last time I throw it down to the  longkang..


Finally, I had a chance to play it again last saturday…

Bowling tournament set by my group under Engineering department and about 18 Person took part.

6 Lane we conquer with 3 person for each Lane at CineLeisure, Damansara…

That event stat only at 8pm but office hour end up at 5.30pm.

To back home and return back here I think unreasonable.

So, I decided to follow my colleague fren, Iffah and stayed at her house first. She is live at 15th floor above a sky.. I  can imagine how if the lift there  is not functioning. ..huhu..

At her house, I take a shower, solat and also lepaking and watching anime..

She is a DIE hard Fan of Japan Anime…isk2..

I only know Naruto..err…what else? And actually we in rush to CineLeisure because we are a ‘little bit’ late but there are others that coming later then us.


Ok, back to boling story, Im at Lane 5 with Tini and err…supposed Bad.

But, Bad choose Lane 2 and left the remaining empty place to his wife..Ida.

Even Im not born with a skill and talent as a bowling player but I really enjoy.

Enjoy even score only 70 something..low points ya!

Take a look at our enjoyable faces…


My skill canot be shared due to late snapping of this below pic.

The bowling ball already speed up to hit pins or..to fall into drain.


The best player is Saiful.

He brought his own bowling ball and shoes..

No wonder he could score with flying colors..

congrats to him..

U can determine how high his skill from this pic..can or not?


After 3 games straight, we close our bowling tournament with makan2 activity. Due to late nite, we only found Station Kopitiam as the best place. We lepaking there till 11 something.

Im back to home with Ros.

Thanks Ros because sent me home that nite.

I really enjoy and cant wait for next tournament…



p/s: saiful’s photo put here to credit him for all these photos that taken by his camera and also he is the 1st winner..

p/s 1: Its ok for us to loose first, we will win later.. Bak kata orang, Hero/Heroin kalah dulu!..