Good day to all..

Actually I just announce to all TCG members that I had a blog and invite them to visit it…

To those who visited my blog. Thanks for ur support and please keep supporting me by visiting my blog..


And don’t forget to leave a comment if u had any..

Yesterday was a messy day of clumsy me..


I had attend interview with government with very too simple attires and also I use kasut ber’muncung’ tajam and not fully covered.

I missplaced my interview shoes..and the shoes that I wore is the BEST I found. huhu~

Dah la pakai stoking with corak ‘bear’.

When I entering the Interview Room and sat down, the interviewer quickly give me their ‘advice’ and tell me that my attires at that time like want to go to market not to attend interview..

Not formal..

They said I need to wear blazer and so on and looking like professional.

And blablabla..

Pagiku spoiled by their words but I keep myself to calm down and ready to facing them until the end of session..

Thank god coz everything run smoothly and its over. Only some questions that I cant answers well and hentam keromo and basically about ‘pengetahuan am’ ..


Till then,