“Ok.。U cannot bring back any seminar materials and also dont tell to ur father or mother about anything regarding to seminar u attended..”

“If u do so.. Strict action will be taken on u…”

Tau.. tapi that seminar is for explaining about rules and regulations of our company..

Takkan la kalo benda2 nih bocor boley membahayakan company..?
contohnya jgn makan di meja keje..
jgn buang sampah merata-rata..
jangan tido masa keje..ops!

Kalo rahsia syarikat tuh..memang betul la kan..

Maybe he only want to give all of us clear picture by giving that as an example..

Isi ceramah?

X perlu la di share ok cuz as I mentioned above, we cannot tell to anybody including our parents..


Just wanna share my feelings here since I don’t have anything else to talk about here..


See ya next round..