Actually x penahpun saya story pasal life at my new company..

Erm..rasa bertuah lak dapat masuk this group under Engineering department yang boss2 nyer sporting as long as u done ur job…

Now, our group consisted of 11 members including our big boss GC ( Group Chief) Noguchi san..

Last few weeks ago, he (big boss) treated us dinner at Armada Hotel…

Masa tu yg ada di company hanya 10 members. 1 member not working yet since he reporting to work a week after this party..

rugi la die eh..x dapat join party nih..huhu..

n then there were 3 old members to be celebrated but only 2 came.

Sorang tuh yang bernama kak Shahida datang bersama suaminya yang juga working here at our company but at other department.

Actually that day, most of us that take part in company party performance had our practice until 6.30. So party was started at 7.00.

Here I share some pics of my colleagues..


The were so kind hearted and willing to help us whenever we (as a newcomer) need.

The newcomers are me, Mazilah and Hartini.

Mazilah is left beside my big boss Noguchi first line

Hartini is stand second from right at a middle line (2nd line)

The oldies are Shahida and Lily..

Each of newcomers and oldmembers gave a short speech.

Here my pic giving a speech..but seems like I’m speechless at that time..huhu..


Im happy to work together with u all..

All da best to me..huh..

And thanks big boss for treated us with that wonderful dinner..

Please do not hesitate to do so again next time..

haha..kidding boss..

p/s : Almost forgot that my GL (boss kecik)named Hassrul san x dapat join dis dinner due to family matter..and there were 2 TCG clerks that I havent mention it yet in this post.. and both joined this farewell party too..