Went to Skudai..

But a little prob occured at UTM front entrance caused by me..

So, we cannot enter UTM..

Thank god..cuz farah still staying in Taman U area..

So, I stayed a night at her hause…


At 6.15 : time to wake up..solat..and bla bla bla..

At 9.00 : headed to utm..straight to Stor Jubah..

But, the situation there killing our excitement to graduate cuz the queue line was so


Fortunately, our fren, Nana already queueing up at a middle of that ‘line,

so..kami sudah potong Q la…kan..

At 10.00 : Still queue..and queue..

At 12.00 : Still queuing up

At 1.00 : Still queue..but I dont think it was in ‘line’..terabur habis..

At 2.30 : Finally, after ‘berasak-asak kelemasan.. (10 were fainted already)..I got my jubah..

But, my frens lost behind.. still stuck in the crowded and hot place.

At 6.30 : My BF finally got his hard to get a jubah..its like how hard we are to finish our


At 7.20 : Headed back to KL..So tired lorh..