Ermm..just like that..

My first day working goes well..

And I made a new frens there..

There are 2 other ladies in my department and they are so kind and very helpful..

5.30pm..times to back to my home..

Of course, my adek already waiting me outside the factory..

While I’m on the way back, my phone ringing 4 times and I cannot answers that cuz my ears covered by helmet.

So, upon arrive home I call the numbers back.

Its the company that interviewed me last 2 weeks and he call me just to know whether I already got a license or not..

I said that I already got a job.But I’m still on my way to get a license.

He ask me about the company and basic salary that they offered me..

After a short conversation, Its end by my words that I will inform them after I get my license..and he was agree with that.

Seems like  eagerly want to offer me a job even Im already working.

But..I already working..