Why I said so…

becoz..I got a job..

Thank God and also not forgotten my frens that show me the very ‘MUJARAB’ and ‘MAGIC’ way to get job easily..

So here I want to share the secret that they gave me during the Alumni AGM at Desaru Damai..

But, this is depends on u guys and how ‘kusyuk’ u are..

Ok la..

Firstly, baca AlFatihah diikuti dengan surah Al-Waqiah..

Lepas baca surah2 tersebut..doa supaya dapat keje yang baek..

Minta dengan penuh harapan kepada Allah..

Kerana memang hanya Allah lah yang Maha Berkuasa..Maha Memberi..

Do that for 40 times

And do make it daily..

Dont misunderstood my above statements..

(It doesnt means that u need to do this 40 times per day but do it one time per day for 40 days)

But, I only manage to do that twice before I being offered a job..

I hope all muslims out there that still seeking for a job to do the ‘petua’.

Good luck to u guys..

And guess what..

I go thru interview this morning and..

I will start to work tomorrow..