Last 2 weeks, I’ve got present..

For my birthday..

So special cuz my birthday should be on 12 April..but I got birthday present after 3 month..

It’s ok..

Actually it was affordable cuz this present flying here by plane..

Yup, from US..hehe..

Check this if u r not believe in me..

1st photo shows the outer packaging (box) of present..

After I open the box…Victoria Secret’s perfume..Wow..

Perfume ‘Desire’

For proven, I’ll let u to look closer at the outer box..

There is the name of perfume on top of the box..DESIRE..

To prove that this present flying over more than thousand miles here, this pic taken at the bottom of the same white box..

‘MADE IN UNITED STATES’ written on the outer surface of the box..

Sorry frens..If it seems like I’m ‘poyo’ or ‘belagak x bertempat’..

I am just a bit eager to share this thing with u since this is da first time I got present that bought from OVERSEA..and given by this person..