Di satu petang yang sejuk..

Maklum la..hujan renyai2..

Credit to http://monkeyblogger.com/tag/interview/

First corversation


Do u bring ur application form?

Ops..Im so sorry…I don’t have a printer at home. So, I can’t bring it here today.

Oh..Its okay.. u can fill it and send to my email later..

ok, I will send my application form as soon as possible..

(Oh my God, actually I really forgot about that form. i didn’t fill it yet.. What is going on with me hah..?Ayyoyo…alwayz forgot to do things that was most important one..cet..Time to change!)

2nd Conversation

Do you have a driving license?

Oh..actually Im on my way to get P. Is it necessary for me to have a transpot?

Of course. U need to go to Port Klang (KASTAM) and others that related to this company.

When u can get a license?

As soon as possible. Im on my training now..

(Huhu..feel like crying…but its make me more motivates to get my P as soon as possible.. Chaiyok2…Erm,actually, this question I think makes my chance to get this job turn down a bit..)

End of Day…~~~(^_^)