Sometimes I love my life so much.
I never regrets any of minutes passes by.
But sometimes life so cruel.
Even, the truth is not.
If we said life unfair means we are unfair to our self actually.
If we said life messy means we are the person who created that mess.
And if we said life is cruel that means we actually the one who cruel to our life.

So, be patient.
And appreciate life as what they are.
And you will feel better.

So, should I change?
Yup, change to become person that appreciate life.

I just read article regarding the benefits that you might get from garlic.

instead of adds essence to  your food. garlic had others benefit that surely will made you all love garlic after this.

There are 5 points here;

1) Cure against common cold

Garlic had ability to improve immune system. Regular consumption of garlic’s flake will help to protect our body from viral attacks.

2) Prevent from cancer

Improvement of immune system of course will help us from got cancer. The chances for cancer cells to spreading will be lowered down. Garlic is especially helpful in blocking oesophagal, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer. Studies have proved that compounds in garlic also have the capability to reduce the size of tumor by half.

3) Heart disease

Researches show that  garlic helps to keep the blood vessel flexible and hence keeps heart diseases at bay by the quality that it has to lower down cholesterol level.

4) Hypertention

Its good for us that easily tense by heavy workloads or unsettled problems. Garlic able to control blood pressure by thinning the blood. Wow, if   I depressed next time, I will eat Garlic bread! haha~

5) Infection

antiviral and antifungal abilities that owned by garlic flakes made me shocked. Of course as person that easily get infected by fungal disease on my sensitive skin, I eagerly want to become as garlic lovers after this.

But, after all garlic also had ability to make person become  smelly. So, don’t consume it too much!

I got little fight with my F.
I told him before that on saturday I got gathering but after all he seems to forget it and just bought tickets of Eclipse movie on same date with that gathering.

So, he drag me to make decision.
To choose either one.

So, I simply said to go for both.
I said both.
I’m not dumb him at all.
I just said that I will go for both event and sacrificing gathering time that might be finish on 5pm.
I will dismiss from gathering on 1pm and then follow my F to go for movie.

But he still not satisfied with my answer.
He just so curious why I should go for gathering.
And he demand me answers.

I just simply said.
Gathering is not easy to be made but to see him not difficult.
Any time we can meet even sometimes on weekdays after office hour we can spent our time together.

But, seems like he understand it differently.
He said that I’m not appreciate him and think about our relationship easily.
Arrrghh..he is so sensitive..

What can I do to satisfy him.
is it I need to forget about gathering that I really want to join.

After about a year I left this blog with notice.

Yerp, I left it with notes below in my latest entry before this entry published.

Hurmm..8 July 2009.

And today is 02 July 2010.

Even I’m not update it for a year but still have visitors even not much about 10 – 30 visitors but I’m suprise with it.

Means wordpress is a good path for blogging instead of blogspot.

Without doing nothing, you can get traffic.

So, by considering that fact, I would like to reactivate this blog again.

Please do support me.

However, I will only update this blog by weekly basis.

I need to concentrate on my blogspot.

And to refresh it I revise the url from to


I want to announce here that I will not update this blog for now..
Maybe next time..I will update if I got any idea how to differentiate between 2 blogs..
(actually i got another blog..)
So, fell free to visit my other blog here..

I already put a link ‘my blogspot’..

Sorry guys..

Referring to my previous post, I just mentioned about ‘something’ that takes too long times to waited..


Finally, I got it last few hours ago..

And every single minutes after that I cant stop smiling..


After about  a month waiting…

Finally, It’s received..Alhamdullilah..

And know I want you all to waited patiently to get the answer of below question..

What is that something look like?

Is it like a gift, a letter, money, or…somebody..?


Currently i’m waiting..

Waiting somethings happened but till now still have no sign..

Until todays, 3 weeks past oledi..

Most of them said..

It will takes 2 weeks time..

Some says..

It will takes less that 2 weeks..

Only few says..

It may takes more than 3 weeks time..

So, I keep waiting patiently based on ‘few says’ words..

Keep praying for the best….

Maybe there is a ‘hikmah’ behind all these..

Last saturday I went to my colleague’s wedding..

It was so awesome because the wedding party held in grand hall at PJH means Putrajaya Holding at Putrajaya..

Actually I’m alone because got things to be done before going to her events..

For the first time I’m driving car outside of my town..


Alhamdulillah, Im safely arrived at PJH..

But I entering the Grand Hall using back door..

Actually I dont know where is the Grand Hall.

I just walk around until I smell somethings good..

Nasi minyak daa…hehe~

I met most of my colleagues in Wawa’s wedding party..

And I met the most clelebrated couple..aka .. king and queen of da day..

The hall was big with left and right side of ‘pelamin’ are wide screen for displaying slide shows (multimedia video) of these loving couples pics from their childhood until the day they getting married ..

So sweet both of them..

Here some pics as a proof..


Nice stage rite?


close up to stage..


cantik dan segaknyer mereka berdua..


Kek sampai 5 tingkat tuh..hehe~


Masa tuk kacau couple yang tengah makan..hehe~

kat belakang skrin tuh tengah wat slide show couple nih..


x cukup ngan ‘kacau’ pengantin..

boss yang sedang makanpun kami datang serbu..


Yang bestnyer boss semuanya berada di kanan sekali dalam pic nih..

yang duduk boss department lain..

yang berdiri tu lak boss department ku dari jepun..


One of my department member already resigned from Bujang Fan Club..

Sempat juga snap pic die sorang2 guna handset yang berkapasiti 2 megapiksel..


Credit to Shingo-san for all pics above except last pic(credit to myself la kan..)


Yesterday I’m going to shopping mall near to my place..

The main to find out the presents for my frens wedding and also the most important to bought somethings for my BF birthday..

Actually his birthday already past 2 weeks ago..

but we are to busy to spent time for each other until yesterday…

i need to rush because once I stepped in that shopping mall, massage from him said that he is n da way from his workplace which is a Rawang..

Gosh…me with my sis Aida walk around and figure out somehing for my frens wedding..

I bought 2 for each of them..what is it? secret!!

After that we walk again and found table lamp that is so cute..

I thought it was a best present for him..but, the staff there was behave like so busy makes me stepped out from there and go straight to Body Shop.

I grab one perfume in a one shot..

I ask Body Shop taff to wrap it nicely..


I met him after that and give him that present.

He suprisely said that his perfume just finished and I  give him the best suit present in a best time..

I said, I just pick one that I thought suit to him..and I dont know whether he likes it or not..but he dont mind..

And that nite he MMS me..

He said that he love that perfume..

His previous perfume same with perfume that I bought for him..

I have a good instinct..

From left Farah, Yati, me and Kak Nony. The only flowers in our department..

Memory at my previous company suddenly made me fell like miss them so much..
I miss my B&D Department..
i miss all of them..
And on 31st May one one my frens there got married..

As usual for those who are married what can I say is ..
u r fired from “Bujang Club”!!
and also congratulations..

I received invitation card from her thru email..
but I’m sorry..
I can’t join your wedding ceremony since I got to go for my cousins wedding also at Terengganu..
Clash date actually..
Seems like this year is Wedding’s year because a lot my frens getting married even economy not stable.

And this coming July makes me hard to decide..
Clash wedding date again..
the first one my fren who going thru same day of interview..
same date of reporting to work..
Going thru same OJT..
Her wedding will be at Mentakab I think..
the second one is my BF cousin at KL..
I already told him that I eagerly want to join his cousin wedding and he already told to all (his family and also his sedara mara..)
How can I cancel the second one..

Which one should I choose to..?
Hard to decided!!!