I just read article regarding the benefits that you might get from garlic.

instead of adds essence to  your food. garlic had others benefit that surely will made you all love garlic after this.

There are 5 points here;

1) Cure against common cold

Garlic had ability to improve immune system. Regular consumption of garlic’s flake will help to protect our body from viral attacks.

2) Prevent from cancer

Improvement of immune system of course will help us from got cancer. The chances for cancer cells to spreading will be lowered down. Garlic is especially helpful in blocking oesophagal, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer. Studies have proved that compounds in garlic also have the capability to reduce the size of tumor by half.

3) Heart disease

Researches show that  garlic helps to keep the blood vessel flexible and hence keeps heart diseases at bay by the quality that it has to lower down cholesterol level.

4) Hypertention

Its good for us that easily tense by heavy workloads or unsettled problems. Garlic able to control blood pressure by thinning the blood. Wow, if   I depressed next time, I will eat Garlic bread! haha~

5) Infection

antiviral and antifungal abilities that owned by garlic flakes made me shocked. Of course as person that easily get infected by fungal disease on my sensitive skin, I eagerly want to become as garlic lovers after this.

But, after all garlic also had ability to make person become  smelly. So, don’t consume it too much!

Referring to my previous post, I just mentioned about ‘something’ that takes too long times to waited..


Finally, I got it last few hours ago..

And every single minutes after that I cant stop smiling..


After about  a month waiting…

Finally, It’s received..Alhamdullilah..

And know I want you all to waited patiently to get the answer of below question..

What is that something look like?

Is it like a gift, a letter, money, or…somebody..?


Last saturday I went to my colleague’s wedding..

It was so awesome because the wedding party held in grand hall at PJH means Putrajaya Holding at Putrajaya..

Actually I’m alone because got things to be done before going to her events..

For the first time I’m driving car outside of my town..


Alhamdulillah, Im safely arrived at PJH..

But I entering the Grand Hall using back door..

Actually I dont know where is the Grand Hall.

I just walk around until I smell somethings good..

Nasi minyak daa…hehe~

I met most of my colleagues in Wawa’s wedding party..

And I met the most clelebrated couple..aka .. king and queen of da day..

The hall was big with left and right side of ‘pelamin’ are wide screen for displaying slide shows (multimedia video) of these loving couples pics from their childhood until the day they getting married ..

So sweet both of them..

Here some pics as a proof..


Nice stage rite?


close up to stage..


cantik dan segaknyer mereka berdua..


Kek sampai 5 tingkat tuh..hehe~


Masa tuk kacau couple yang tengah makan..hehe~

kat belakang skrin tuh tengah wat slide show couple nih..


x cukup ngan ‘kacau’ pengantin..

boss yang sedang makanpun kami datang serbu..


Yang bestnyer boss semuanya berada di kanan sekali dalam pic nih..

yang duduk boss department lain..

yang berdiri tu lak boss department ku dari jepun..


One of my department member already resigned from Bujang Fan Club..

Sempat juga snap pic die sorang2 guna handset yang berkapasiti 2 megapiksel..


Credit to Shingo-san for all pics above except last pic(credit to myself la kan..)

im yours

Sebelum nih pernah dengar..

tapi bile Akim nyanyi jadi addicted lak..

tengok kat youtube sang by Jason Mraz..

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it

I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted

I fell right through the cracks, now I’m tryin to get back

before the cool done run out I’ll be givin it my best test

and nothin’s gonna stop me but divine intervention

I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some

But I won’t hesitate no more,

no more, it cannot wait

I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me

open up your plans and damn you’re free

look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love

listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing

We’re just one big family

And it’s our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved

So, i won’t hesitate no more,

no more, it cannot wait i’m sure

there’s no need to complicate our time is short

this is our fate

I’m yours

I’ve been spendin’ way too long checkin’ my tongue in the mirror

and bendin’ over backwards just to try to see it clearer

But my breath fogged up the glass

and so I drew a new face and I laughed

I guess what I’d be sayin’ is there ain’t no better reason

to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons

it’s what we aim to do

our name is our virtue

But I won’t hesitate no more,

no more it cannot wait

I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me

open up your plans and damn you’re free

look into your heart and you will find that the sky is yours

so please don’t, please don’t, please don’t,

there’s no need to complicate,

Cause our time is short

This, this, this is our fate,

I’m yours…

Im yours my love….hehe~

nothing much different except;

1) I got new email…my private email after confirmed last week..

2)I got to present about my project progress dis morning.. right after confirmed last week..

3) I got a dinner under my department..need to contribute ‘x’ becoz I just celebrate it..

4) I got to submit 2 types of reports. 1st report for daily and 2nd report for weekly..

5) I got access to internet.. right before I got email..after confirmed also..

6) I got confirmation.. after 6 months standart probation + 1 month extend = 7 month working at my current company..

7)I got a number of days annual leave to be this year..right after confirmed..


I think this is the right place for me to work with right now..

in future..?

Only Allah knows..

i should happy because…

-i had happy2 family. together forever~

- i had a charming prince who made  my life colorful and superb..

- i had best frens that always care even they are far away from me..

they always want to listen and share stories even only via sms or email..

- i had a good colleagues in my group.. always gives me their cooperations, helps and advises..

- i got Islam as my religion.. Islam will make you happy to live a life.

list down why  u should happy…and read it happily..!


Last saturday I had my department family day at Kalumpang Resort near with Tanjung Malim..

So great to be there and glad to share some photos with you all…

Actually, I went there with my BF..errr..can him described as my family member?

err..not yet I think..

We arrived there at around 9 am..

The waterfall was awesome!



From was2.. Im become excited to swim and ‘berendam’ in the river…

Sungai sangat cantik dan jernih..

After take a break for a while, we prepare for breakfast..

susun2 makanan ala2 buffet..masak air tuk wat air teh..

Prepare for BBQ session and so on..

After breakfast, we change our clothes and get ready for mandi2 session..

So cold! Menggigil saya!


After that, lunch with BBQ chicken and sosej..

After that, we have fun with 4 telematch ..

I join the first telematch which is ‘bawak bola pingpong dalam sudu’


but, we lost!


erm, the second last game is ‘jalan guna tempurung’

this game im not join but im preparing the tempurung shoes a night before..I only finish it at 1 am..



Berbaloi la when they play it happily.

After that we continue with our mandi2..

before that we snap photo of ourselfs first..


and enjoy watching member eating..



thats all from me..

next time I ‘ll share wif u my birthday party pics wif family n members at SATO..



mesti korang pelik ngan tajuk aku tuh?

apekah itu?

aku nih budak zaman 80’s..

Tapi x pasan kewujudan Mimaland nih?

Cuma manusia yang hidup zaman 70’s and 80’s jer yang tau kewujudan Mimaland nih..

Mimaland nih owang kata seperti Sunway Lagoon tapi dekat Gombak..

Dibuke 1975 tapi ditutup 1993 sebab ada kejadian tanah runtuh/tanah mendap..

Mengikut cite orang, kat sana dulu orang suke picnic, swimming, siap ada chalet lagi..

Pastu ada patung dinasour lagi..

Aku x berapa tahu sgt..

Google pun x banyak input..

Tapi serius kata la..

Sepanjang idup aku selama dekat 24 tahun nih..

Baru kali nih first time dengar pasal recreational park bernama Mimaland..

Tapi memang dah tak der pape dah kat Mimaland tuh..

Dah tenggelam dek hutan..

Ruginye sebab dengar kata memang famous la tempat tuh dulu..

apa kata anda?

setelah aku godek2 dapat gak pic mimaland nih..

aku tepek kat sini untuk korang sume..

erm..kredit to for all pictures uploaded here..



erm..mi la dinasour yang ada kat Mimaland..

Banyak sebenarnyer..

kat belakang tuh nampak ada satu lagi dinasour yang boley terbang..


permainan inipun ada kat situ..


tadi tanya kat mak..

Mak tau ker pasal Mimaland nih?

Erm, mak kata tau..tapi mak kata lagi x dapat sambutan sangat dulu..

tak tau kenapa..


ni tempat makan…


yang nih memang ala2 Sunway Lagoon la..


Saya dapat email nih baru2 nih dan teringin nak share kat sini..

Sebagai peringatan kepada kaki pancing di luar sana supaya jgn maen redah jer..

pantang dengar lubuk ikan..trus nak pi serbu..



credit to :


Ajis memang kaki pancing, mana saja lubuk & sungai semua dia pergi, kalau ada yg cakap kat sungai tu ada ikan, ajis mesti pi try mancing kat situ. Satu hari masa minum kat kedai kopi Pak Ngah Jiman, Ajis terdengar rakan2 sekampungnya bercerita tentang satu lubuk baru yg banyak ikan ditemui kat sungai di kampung seberang, kampung tu agak jauh & pedalaman sungai tu lebih kurang 5 km dr kampung tu, dekat tepi pinggir hutan. Tengahari tu, Ajis dah bersiap nak pegi memancing kat lubuk yg diceritakan, siap pakai helmet, Ajis masukkan bekalan minum petang dan pancingnya dlm raga motor. Sepanjang perjalanan Ajis bernyanyi riang, jauh jugak nak ke kampung seberang tu, dah hampir masuk waktu Asar baru Ajis sampai, teringat pulak dia tak sempat solat Zohor tadi & dia terpikir, karang kalau terus pi sungai tu, tak sempat plak solat Zohor. tak lama kemudian Ajis nampak sebuah surau yg agak uzur kat tepi jalan sunyi kampung tu. bergegas dia berhenti, ditengoknya keliling tak ada orang, sunyi saja surau tu. Ajis segera mengambil wuduk dgn tergesa2 sbb waktu Zohor dah hampir nak habis. Masa Ajis di rakaat yg kedua, Ajis tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi suara orang ketawa. Bulu romanya tiba2 meremang, “Hish, sapa pulak yg gelak2 tu?” bisik hati Ajis, setiap kali Ajis sujud, Ajis terasa kepala & tengkuknya berat dr biasa, Ajis tak sedap hati, ni surau tinggal ker,sbb dah uzur sangat dan alahai, sapa pulak duduk kat tengkuk dia ni.Sedaya-upaya Ajis tenangkan hati, selesaikan solat dgn segera, dia nak tinggalkan cepat surau tu. Bulu romanya semakin meremang-remang sbb suara org ketawa semakin ramai, ada yg sampai terbatuk-batuk. Syukur, Ajis dah berada di tahiyat terakhir, selesai memberi salam ke kanan dan ke kiri, Ajis meraup mukanya dgn tangan dr atas ubun2 kepala sampai ke dagu, then tiba-tiba Ajis tersedar. hehehe…rupa-rupanya dia terlupa nak tanggalkan helmet masa nak sembahyang tadi, sbb terlampau nak cepat, bila dia toleh belakang, patutlah dengar orang ketawa, rupa-rupanya tok imam, bilal dan orang2 kampung yg dtg nak sembahyang Asar duk gelakkan dia sebab Ajis sembahyang pakai helmet, patut ler kepala dia rasa berat semacam. Terus Ajis blah macam tu ajer, tak jadi pi memancing, dia pusing balik, sembahyang Asar kat rumah sendiri sajalah jawabnya..

p/s : ekeke~amacam, ada berani?

Salam semua..

Quite long time i’m not writing here..

Yesterday, I read and stuck at one online forum..

They were discuss about ‘hantu’ or ghost..stories.. and looks so real!

completed with photo attachments..


The more I read the more I’m interested on it.


And the more I read it, the more I become frighten.

That’s feeling makes me read Al-Mulk followed by Ayatul Kursi and 3-Qul before go to bed.

And I slept with Yassin books under my pillow..

And I try to think positive and imagine the happy2 one until I sleep.


The moral of the story..

Don’t read the scary stories before you sleep or at night.

Read it morning or afternoon..

Or else u will be disturbed by ur emotional thought related with what you read before.

Thanks God I can sleep well and wake up only after Subuh.


And I feel better without any uneasy feelings anymore..

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